Communication Skills Training

Andrew is a skilled Facilitator, Trainer and Role Player and regularly works for many blue chip companies designing and delivering highly effective theatre based learning. Using his background in theatre, Andrew devises and delivers engaging, interactive development programmes both individually and as a preferred associate of several consultancy organisations including Impromptu, Dramatic Solutions, ted Learning, Cirrus and Source Business. Being a freelance trainer Andrew is often a more cost effective solution for SME's procuring training solutions.


Managing Conflict

Help your employees handle conflict effectively.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Equip managers with the skills to handle their more difficult conversations with their staff.

customer Service

Get your customers to trust you and keep coming back again and again!

Comms Skills

Get your teams to increase productivity by communicating more effectively with each other.

Consultative Selling

Help your sales team hit their targets by helping them understand the psychology of selling.

Leadership Development

Help your leaders lead more effectively with these essential skills.

Presentation Skills

Give your people the skills to deliver a knock out presentation which will engage and enthrall their audience.

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